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Related Course and Work

Archive Building Copenhagen

The Sleeping Archive – SlumLAB

The Future Archive – Domus

Abstract Machines

Gerald Raunig – Recomposition and Movement

Manuel Eitzinger – Was ist Deterritorialisierung ?

The Anxious Prop

Viewing / Geometries / 4th dimension

Frederick Kiesler – Vision Machine

Frederick Kiesler – Endless House

Anasthasius Kircher – Visualizations and Drawings

Hypercube Demonstration

Marcel Duchamp – 4th Dimension

Cubism – 4th Dimension

Dot and the Line

Consciousness / Archetypes

Carl Jung – Collectiv Unconsious

Carl Jung – Personality Theory

Monism / Dualism

Leibniz – Monadology 

Second Order Cybernetics

Heinz von Förster



H.J. Rheinberger

Weltstadt Brazil


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